You’ll find the instructions to paste your brand new Paste It sticker together with your sticker in the box or the envelop you’ve received.

If you’ve lost the page, don’t worry. Here you can find all you need to know to attach it wherever you want.


  • The first point of the instructions about your sticker is that you’ll have to paste your Paste It sticker only on a clean and dry surface. So decide where you want to put it and clean and dry the surface.


  • You’ll find the sticker with a white page on the back and a transparent film on the front. For the final result you’ll have to remove first the page on the back and then the transparent film.


  • The second point to follow for the instructions is flip the sticker having the white page on the top. Then with a spatula (or a credit card, or whatever similar) make the sticker stick perfectly to the transparent film.


  • Then lift up gently the white page, and be sure to don’t remove the sticker from the transparent film. This is one of the most important operations, so be patient while you do it.


  • Then roll the sticker out on the chosen surface. Now take back the spatula (or the credit card) you’ve already used and be sure that the sticker has a perfect adherence to the surface. This is an important operation to do to avoid creases or bubbles on your sticker.


  • The last point of our instructions you have to follow is that you have to lift up, really gently, the transparent film. During this operation be sure that the sticker is fully adhered to the surface.


Now you can enjoy your new sticker.

Down here you can see and download the file whit the instructions.


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