Customise It

Customise It


Here at Paste It we really love to design new stickers everyday, but what we like the most is to give shape to your ideas. 

You’re the brains and we’re the muscle! 

Paste It is a glocal reality, you tell your idea and we realise it through our way to see the world. The result is unique and the sticker just yours.

So tell us how you want your Paste It sticker and we’ll customise it for you.

For this reason there is this form down here so you can describe us your idea and we’ll give it a shape.


  • In the first box you have to write your e-mail address.


  • In the second box just give a title to your idea, in this way we’ll have the field of your sticker.


  • In the third box explain your idea. How you want us to realise it and how you’d like your customised sticker. Just this and you’ll have a total personalised sticker.


  • In the last box you can upload an image if you like it.