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Bob Marley sure has been the man that brought reggae music to a worldwide level.

That’s the reason why we wanted to make for Bob Marley one of our very first wall stickers. This Bob Marley wall sticker is our celebration to this great artist, that gave us some of the most beautiful songs of all the times.

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The Bob Marley wall sticker comes in two dimensions:

  • 35×47 centimeters
  • 49×66 centimeters

Here you can find some more details on our stickers.

All our stickers are lovely handmade and we produce them after we receive the order.

Every sticker comes with the instructions. Anyway, if you lose them, just check out our instruction page and see how to paste your sticker.

Our vinyl decals are applicable to multiple’s support:

  • MacBooks,
  • Computers,
  • cars
  • walls,
  • windows,
  • and many other supports.

They have a considerable’s lifetime both indoor and outdoor, and the application is very simple.

About the dimensions, you can take our suggested dimensions for both, Macbook and Computers, or ask us to customise it, just send us a mail or fill the form.

You can have a look at all our stickers just following the following links

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 You can’t find a sticker that fits your needs?

Just go to the form and we will give a shape to your idea.


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